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Nebuleus x Pilsnerish: Slicey The Saison Pin

Nebuleus x Pilsnerish: Slicey The Saison Pin

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"violence tastes better"

sabering saisons is no longer optional.

it actually never was.

it’s scientifically proven that micro-shards of glass manually open your palate to understand higher levels of flavor.

we had no logical reason for making this pin at first.

however, we now have a great excuse:

mutual friend and PNW beer industry legend Nile Johnson was recently in a horrible accident.

the crash has Nile in the hospital with multiple fractured vertebrae in his back, a broken right kneecap, a broken left tibia, and a broken finger. he also suffered brain trauma from a severe concussion causing short-term memory loss, as well as hemorrhaging in his skull.

myself + Nebuleus will be donating a significant chunk of Slicey The Saison directly to his gofundme.

additionally, the first 100 names have guaranteed access to bottles at an upcoming, in-person Nebuleus release. (edit: these are gone, a few slots may open up though)


it will take 3-6 weeks for the pins to be manufactured and shipped, then they will need to be packaged and shipped out from portland, OR. this whole process could take up to 6 weeks, so please do not order this if you somehow need an enamel pin to be personally fulfilled by tomorrow. by now, you should know that these will indeed show up.

These pins are soft enamel, 1.15"x2" with raised metal dye outline, a sandblasted black back and 2x metal butterfly clip backings.

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